We enjoy learning English together…

Listening Practice “Toronto”

Listen to Miss Sümer and answer the questions below.

Play: Toronto


Task 1: For questions 1 to 5, complete each gap with ONE WORD only.

Torontois found on _(0)__Lake___  Ontario – one of the five _(1)__________  Lakes in North America. It was a French trading post before, but by the late 1700s British people occupied the _(2)__________ . In 1834 the British named the city Toronto (a native American word that means “meeting place”).

Toronto_(3)__________  because people came to find a better life. By 1900 it had railways, factories and a port. In 1904, however, a fire destroyed more than a _(4)__________  buildings. Out of these ruins, anew city developed. Skyscrapers were built.

In 1998 Torontoand the five communities _(5)__________  it joined to form one city. It covers 630 km2. TodayToronto is home to almost 5 million people.



Task 2: For questions 6 to 10, decide if the sentences are T (true) or F (false). Correct the false sentences.

6.      Only British and French immigrants came

7.      There are some neighbourhoods inToronto where different cultures live together.

8.      Toronto is a centre for electrical equipment, chemicals, cars, aluminium, pulp and paper, radios, home appliances and aircraft.

9.      Torontonians travel from place to place only  by omnibus, electric tram or car.

10.  Toronto is a friendly place where people of many cultures come together.


 The text is adapted from: Lysecki, Margaret, Four Corners: Four Great Cities – Then and Now (2004), Harlow: Pearson Education Limited


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Ms Evren Travels A Lot!!!

Ms Tuba Evren is one of the amazing teachers at Bilkent. She teaches Grade 2. She LOVES travelling and has been to a lot of countries in the world.

Today, Ms Evren showed some photos and told us ‘a little’ about them. Personally, I like listening to her because she travels a lot and she knows a lot about other countries.






I think you listened to her attentively, took notes, and asked some quality questions.



Some of us listened to her very well…












* What was the most interesting thing you’ve learned or seen?

* What would you like to ask or say to Ms Evren?

* Would you like to be a person who travels a lot when you grow up?

* Which country would you like to see?







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Culture Project – The List

Who is working on which country for the project?

Country 4A 4B 4C 4D
Argentina     Yusuf Eren B.
Australia   Yüksel    
Azerbaijan     Sude Terlan
Brazil Utku Çağan Şükrü Meltem
Bulgaria       Sıla
Canada Murathan, Su Elif Zeynep Eren P.
China Selin Can Selin Levent
Denmark     Berk  
Egypt   Damla Berke Mert
England Hayal Müge   Berk
Fiji   Selen    
France Bahar Bersu   Can
Germany Ata     Melis
Greece       Aslı
Hong Kong     Yankı  
Iceland     Melisa  
India   Ayça Piraye  
Italy Esin   Kerem Sevim, Birce
Japan Elif Naz Azra Emin Kaan, Pelin Ö., Ahsen Ege
Ivory Coast Cem
Luxembourg   Bartu    
Madagascar     Bora  
Mexico   Yağızhan    
Netherlands   Mert K.   Alara
New Zealand Nehir      
Philippines     Pelin S.  
Portugal     Mert Emre
Qatar   Kayra    
Russia Melissa İnci   Bersis
Sierra Leone Ekin      
Spain      Bertan Düet
Sweden       Öykü
Tunisia   Yasmin    
United Arab Emirates Kuthan   Halil  
USA   Mert S. Duru Kaan, Kerem
Uzbekistan   İrem Su    
Venezuela Nesli      


If you want to see the whole list of countries again, visit:


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We all agree that studying is very important, but because we are “balanced” people, we have hobbies  as well. Some of us play musical instruments, some enjoy drawing pictures. Some love playing football even on windy and rainy days such as today!


















How about you?

* What are your hobbies and interests?

* Do you have enough free time?

* If you had more free time, what would you do with it?

* Are there any hobbies you would like to try?

* Do you ever feel that you waste your free time? How?

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Phantom Tollbooth

We are watching an amazing movie this week.


“Time is a gift given to you.”
Tock: “It’s bad enough wasting time without killing it.”
Milo: “That’s my speech! I didn’t know I was going to eat my words.”
King Azaz: “Of course you didn’t. That’s what we’re all doing. You should have made a tastier speech.”
Lethargians: “Think? Don’t say that! It’s against the law to think in the doldrums!”
Milo: “That’s ridiculous! Everybody thinks.”
Lethargians: “We don’t. And most of the time you don’t, and that’s why you’re here you weren’t thinking.”
Milo: “I never knew words could be so confusing.”
Tock: “Only confusing, Milo, when you use a lot to say a little.”

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Have you visited Dağhan‘s blog and read his latest post? It is about dentists.

* How often do you see your dentist?

* Do you enjoy being at the dentist?

* Why is it important to go to the dentist?

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This Week

Hi guys!

I was reading Cem’s latest blog post, and decided to write a new post for you to ask a question.

First of all, thank you Cem for giving me this brilliant idea. Here is his blog:



You will be part of a different class this week. Cem thinks he was lucky because he was in the same class with his best friends today. How do you feel? How was your day?


You can write your opinion here and/or comment on Cem’s post.




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What A Day!

We have done a lot of things today, haven’t we?

1. Some of us started our blogs and wrote new posts. Others visited their friends’ blogs and commented on posts…


I am looking forward to reading more blogs!


2. We did extra work related to the Simple Past Tense. We picked the worksheets we wanted and worked in our groups…


Which sheet did you enjoy the most?


3. And QUIZ TIME! We had an opportunity to see what we’ve learned…


We want quiz! Please!


Thanks everyone! I feel a little tired today, but happy! You? Tell me about your feelings:

* Which one did you enjoy the most?

* Which one do you think is the most useful?

* What would you like to do next?


Waiting for your comments!






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We Give Books

Please join “We Read Books” and “combine the joy of reading with the power of helping others”.






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Piraye’s Interview

As you know, one of the ‘Semester Break Work Ideas’ was to interview someone, and Piraye interviewed his father.

I would really love you to listen to the interview because I am sure it will give you so many ideas about your future…


Piraye Bulut’s Interview with Fazlı Bulut


Thank you very much Piraye and Fazlı Bey!


Piraye – 4C


Here are my questions :

1. How many students were there in the same class?

2. What did Piraye’s father study at university?

3. Which country does he like the most?

4. Where does he want to travel next?

5. What question would you like to ask him?


Waiting for your answers…



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Semester Break Homework

As all children around the world do, we have homework too.

The second semester started today, and we presented our semester break assignments.

İrem Su – 4B

İrem Su prepared fifteen questions and made a booklet. She asked some of them in class today. Here is one of them:

* Is this fact or opinion? “Miss Soydan is a good teacher.”

What is your answer?

Elif Naz – 4A

Elif Naz made a booklet too. Test yourself!

Esin – 4A

Here is another test booklet by Esin… Please try to answer the questions. There are really quality questions.

Birce – 4D

Birce created a character called Sarah. She has a red mouth because she eats a lot of tomatoes!

Bartu – 4B

Bartu created “Mushroomland” and described this place to us by using the picture he drew.




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Mushroomland is on a planet called “Mushroomdoor”. There are seven suns around the planet. However, it rains all the time when the suns are shining. For this reason, there is always a big rainbow over the planet. It looks like a tiara. Everybody wears a rainbow hat. Babies are born with their rainbow hats.


Mushroomland is the smallest country on the planet. The population of the country is 1,287. People have wings and they can fly to the giant mushroom. The giant mushroom can reach the infinity. There is an amusement park in the giant mushroom. It is the only amusement park on the planet.




Bartu – 4B

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Elif Naz’s Test Booklet

1. Write the numbers:







2. Read the sentences and write ‘Fact’ or ‘Opinion’:

- Babies are so cute.

- Ankara is the capital of Turkey.

- Miss Soydan is a good teacher.

- Atatürk fought in the Kurtuluş War.


3. Write two words including ‘soft c’:


4. Write two words including ‘hard c’:


5. What is fiction?

a. legend

b. fact

c. real


6. Which sentence below is wrong?

 a. İrem watches a movie.

b. I reads a book.

c. He has a cat named ‘Boncuk’.


7. Which words are not antonyms?

a. old/new

b. girl/man

c. good/bad


8. Write four question words:


9. write two negative sentences:


10. Write two positive sentences:


11. Circle the adjectives in the sentences:

- I ate a lot of sweet candies.

- She bought a colourful pillow.

- I have a cute cat.


12. What are the vowels in the English alphabet?


***Read the text and answer the questions***

Jane’s Story

Hi! My name is Jane. I don’t have parents. First my mother died of a heart attack. Three years later, soldiers killed my dad. I miss them, but with UNICEF’s support, a woman takes care of me. I like that woman. She is a  good woman. Her name is Alice. Alice started to give me piano lessons (She can play the piano). After 25 years, you can’t believe, but I am a famous pianist now!


13. Fill in the blanks using the text:

- Jane doesn’t have parents, but now a __________ named __________ takes care of her.

- Jane became a very famous __________ .

- Jane’s dad dies because __________ killed him.


14. Write True or False. Correct the false statements:

- Jane can play the violin.

- Jane misses her parents.


15. Write two antonyms from the text:


16. What right can Jane not use because her parents died? 

a. Right to have a name

b. Right to love and be loved

c. Right to play


17. What does ‘them’ refer to in the sentence “I miss them”?





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Esin’s Test Booklet

Answer the True/False questions. If it is False, correct it.

  1. Zeus is the God of animals.
  2. Ancient Greece is called ‘the birhplace of the Western Civilisations’.
  3. Muscles support our body.
  4. Without our bones, we can move too.
  5. Schools around the world can be different.


Answer the questions in full sentences.

  1. Does Medusa have hair? What does she have?
  2. Minotaur is a monster. What does Greek people use to protect themselves from him?
  3. What do we use our eyes for? Give an example.
  4. Is ‘to buy everything children want’ a right? Why?
  5. Can all children use their rights?


Choose the best answer:

1. Athena is the Goddess of

a. Love                     b. Music              c. Wisdom

2. Which one isn’t in our rib cage?

a. Brain                     b. Heart               c. Lungs

3. What don’t animals use to protect themselves from other animals?

a. camuflage             b. Dancing          c. Hiding

4. Which one is not a right?

a. To love and be loved        b. To have a home                         c. To eat only what you want

5. In which country lots of children can’t use their rights?

a. USA                         b. Haiti                 c. Russia

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School is boring!

By Ege Korkmaz – 4D

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Presentations “Schools Around the World”

Finally, we started presenting the research findings… We compared schools in other countries with the ones in Turkey too.

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Schools Around the World


We read a text about “Schools Around the World” and learned that there are some schools that are so different from our school.

So we decided to do some research on the education system of other countries.

Each of us chose a country and did research in the computer lab.

Then, we used the information to prepare our posters or booklets. Some of us decided to prepare powerpoint presentation instead.

Next week, we will present our findings!

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Merry Christmas!

By Melissa Öztekin – 4A

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Lisa’s Story


Please read Lisa’s Story!


Lisa is a good child because she helps her mum to do the housework. She wants to go to school, but her dad doesn’t want Lisa to go to school because he thinks that Lisa must marry five years later, but he doesn’t share his opinion with Lisa because he knows that Lisa doesn’t want to marry. Lisa is very sad because she wants to go to school. She loves her mum, but she doesn’t want to be like her mum because her mum doesn’t know reading, writing, numbers, and she married younger.


One day, Lisa’s mum says, “Lisa, I want you to go to school.” Lisa can’t believe her ears! Lisa’s mum says, “I can tell your dad ‘I am going to the grocer’s with Lisa and after that she will go to her friend’s house and will come back in the afternoon’, and I can take you to school.” Lisa becomes very happy and excited.


Now, Lisa goes to school and has friends. She is a very hardworking student. She is a university student and she studies to be a teacher. She takes an exam and passes it. Her mum thinks it’s time to tell her dad. Lisa says, “OK mum” and she tells her dad. She believes that her dad will hit her cheek, but her dad doesn’t do anything! Her dad says, “You are knowledgeable and open-minded. Your mum thinks you are an inquirer, and your teacher says ‘Lisa is wise because she knows everything.’ I think it is an advantage for you.” Lisa gets very happy, and she becomes an English teacher.


by Nehir KAYA


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